Juxby Makes Madras Mod Again

Two things parents look for in clothing are durability and wearability. Juxby has just what they ordered with coordinating soft, thick, long-lasting children’s garments that parents love to buy and kids love to wear. Their specialty is items made in the U.S.A. from patchwork madras fabrics. Parents and kids alike love to mix and match patterns and colors.

Choo-choo-choose the Madras Train short-sleeved shirt, a patchwork train complete with green button wheels. Pair it with the coordinating Madras Pants in red and blue. Pretty princesses will love the pink girls’ ruffle shorts that go with a purple version of the Train shirt, complete with pink wheels or the white short-sleeved golf cart shirt sure to make daddy smile when he’s on the links.

If you’re looking to change up your summer display, give a nod to all things nautical with Yacht Club polos, t-shirts, pants, and even coordinating madras ties and diaper covers. Parents can punctuate family photos with matching madras sibling outfits that identify Big Bro and Little Sis or alternate arrangements. Coordinating pants and skirts are the perfect frame for any family affair.

Looking to fall? Did you say football season? Create a fun sports display with fan shirts in team colors complete with madras helmets. Also for fall, Juxby carries long-sleeve t-shirts, including the fan favorite, “I Have a Bowtie. Bowties are Cool.” As you guessed, it features a kicky red and navy madras bowtie.

While none of us are ready to pack up our swimsuits and talk Christmas, retailers plan for seasons to come. The Red Madras Reindeer Christmas outfit features a reindeer appliqué complete with madras bow and scarf. Juxby also offers coordinates for special occasions like birthdays. Not relegated to the closet post-party, the madras pants paired with the special birthday shirt can be worn with just about any other shirt in the collection, making Juxby clothes as versatile as they are adorable.

You can proudly display the Juxby brand because it employs Americans to create designs and patterns, sew embroidery appliqués and even make bottoms and accessories. Items are available in sizes 12 months to size 7 for both boys and girls.

For more information, visit www.juxby.com

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