Moll Desks are a Study in Ergonomics

With kids spending almost 9 hours a day sitting on their rumps, offer ergonomic products that let them hunker down without getting a humpback. Moll desks are designed to encourage healthy posture, aligning legs, arms and spine for the perfect perch. Not only do these desks protect posture, but they also deliver dollar value. One adjustable desk can take a tyke from preschool to high school. The desk height and tilting desk surface are easy to position to just the right fit. It enables the child to work at an angle to reduce eye and neck strain.

When Moll says its products are designed to grow with anyone, they aren’t kidding. Moll worked with orthopedists and ophthalmologists to develop desks with tops that tilt to an ideal 30 degrees. Their desks feature right- and left-handed styles to ensure an aligned experience for all. Desks are also designed with a future focus in all areas, allowing for alterations of color and compartments as needs change from coloring with crayons to studying with text books. Tilting the desk won’t topple the contents; the desks have an anti-slip feature to prevent objects from falling when the desktop is adjusted. Every Moll desk comes with a practical book holder and can be extended by adding functional accessories like a Bag Up for easy backpack storage.

But Moll isn’t all about desks — the company focuses on creating the best conditions for efficient and successful learning. This includes mobile chairs that grow with the child, and non-glare lights to protect peepers. The sturdy Maximo Chair is cool as well as comfortable and includes a secret compartment on the bottom to add more fun to the functionality. A wide five-armed base provides stability and prevents the chair from tipping. For the munchkin always in motion, the Scooter Chair rolls with a breathable mesh seat and backrest that conform to the child, but then bounces back to its original shape when the child stands up.

The Flexlight is an energy efficient lamp that clamps securely onto desks. The flexible lamp arm can be bent to direct the light wherever it is needed. The flicker-free LED light can be dimmed to vary the brightness from 5% to 100% and features a USB charging station attached to the bottom of the arm. For little ones learning to love the night, there’s a back-lighting nightlight option.

Parents won’t need to nag their kids to hit the books when they have a personalized study zone from Moll. Align with ergonomics at

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