Help Your Customers Make Good Choices

“Life is all about the choices we make in life. God has given us the freedom to make those choices in life.” Michael Musolino, CEO of Make Good Choices, and his team are all about helping children develop sound decision-making skills. “We are doing our very best to make this world a better place, one good choice at a time.” This philosophy has opened up doors for the company’s message: its support of fundraising efforts has resulted in a strong relationship between many community organizations and Make Good Choices.

The company’s logo has appeared on everything from key chains and wristbands to hoodies and hand sanitizers. Programs such as ABC 33/40’s Talk of Alabama and Fox Channel 6’s Good Day Alabama have highlighted its influence. Musolino believes strongly in bringing a positive message of hope, responsibility, and fun to children with simple, appealing products. From books and e-reader covers to t-shirts and hats, Musolino understands how to reach a broad audience with his message.

Positive Message, Positive Growth

Make Good Choices donates 5% of its sales of items to local charities or community organizations. But the company’s “pay-it-forward” attitude can be seen in every item it produces. There is something for everyone at Make Good Choices. T-shirts with the company’s slogan are available in family-friendly sizes (youth, women, and men). Tweens who love their e-books will adore the tablet covers (available in red or blue). Young athletes will appreciate the positive message that goes along with the Make Good Choices baseball caps that come in orange, yellow, tan, or pink.

Children of all ages like stickers. The company has a set of four stickers that will appeal to today’s modern taste, from the die-cut white vinyl “Make Good Choices” inscribed in a circle to the cheerful orange vinyl sticker with a smiling green Goodwin (a smiley face that represents “the good in all”).

Make Good Choices made a splash with its successful gift book, 100 Choices that Lead to a Better Life. It retails at under $6 and illustrates the value of making beneficial decisions on a daily basis. The book has been “…a huge hit for boutiques and associate gifts and schools. The book has been our #1 seller since it was published in July 2013,” states Musolino. His partner in business and life, wife Daneen, is developing a line of books for children featuring the company’s mascot, Goodwin. The series will explore how children can make important choices in a thoughtful manner. A plush Goodwin toy is in the works, which will be a big hit with parents who want to tuck their kids at night on a positive note.

Positive messages can help children grow: