Duux Puts Modern Style in Monitors and More

Sometimes the best things in life are simple. Duux makes simplicity stylish with their line of baby technology. No dancing lights, bright pink monitors, or animal-shaped humidifiers. The Duux founders felt bad for their fellow friends who tried to fit traditional colored baby electronics into their modern, stylish interior. Perfect for the parents who aren’t ready to trade style for substance, Duux flat out tells you: Duux is not for babies.

No fancy names here, either. The Video Baby Monitor is almost as simple as it sounds. Parents can hear and watch the baby with this state-of-the-art unit. They can also shoot and share all the precious memories, awake or asleep, with four cameras. The motion detector on the Video Baby Monitor allows parents to follow the baby’s movements even when the speakers are muted. The beautiful Dutch design will be a hit among the mod members of your clientele. For the simpler set, the Digital Baby Monitor features an aluminum design, touch controls and a full-color LCD screen.

For the crunchier customer, The Duux Baby Food Center lets parents prepare delicious and nutritious meals for little mouths. This all-in-one system has a steaming chamber for steaming, warming and reheating food; steaming basket for heating and sterilizing bottles; and a blender to instantly blend, chop and puree.

Clear the air with the Ultrasonic Air Humidifier that produces an immediate mist with just a single press, while keeping the air clean with the built-in ionizer. The Air Humidifier Mushroom uses 80% less power than any other humidifiers. It features an aromatherapy option and also won the JPMA Innovation Award. Keep breathing easy with the Air Purifier, a compact version with a detachable HEPA-filter and built-in vaporizer that allows for an oil tank for adding aroma. Each product features a nightlight to make kids feel safe as they breathe soundly.

Light up their lives with the Baby Projector. Not shaped like anything in the jungle, this simple circular projector shines bright amongst its competition. Choose from three different color projections, set up voice activation, and turn up a lullaby simultaneously. The projector is bright in both its meanings: it’s smart enough to turn on the lights when the baby starts crying.

For the complete collection, and to become a retailer, visit www.duux.com

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