Typebaby Knows Your Type of Tyke

Graphically clean and high on hipness, the newest offerings from typebaby are tee-shirts practically begging to be bought to gladden the hearts of those shopping for little ones. Transportation Tees sport cool designs of construction, driving and flying machines, each presented in an ultra-contemporary silhouette design. Even the colors, including slate gray, lemon yellow, grass green and olive say right here, right now.

Responding to retailers, typebaby has added Sibling Bodysuits and Tees to their line. Don’t overlook the marketing opportunities inherent in items that can coordinate styles for Big Bro, Little Bro, Big Sis and Little Sis set out right on your showroom racks for maximum wow and an easy way to enhance each sale. Bodysuits come in white while tee shirts are available in light pink (for Big Sis) and light blue (for Big Bro.)

Another new look helps meet the demand for “city-pride” merchandise: the Local Love line inspired by the Chicago flag with a heather gray body and red and blue design are available both as a one-piece bodysuit and a great fitting tee for small ones.

typebaby, which designs and manufactures garments in the “big shoulders” city of Chicago, came to life early in 2013, the brainchild of new mom and graphic studio owner, Lidia Varesco Racoma. She feels that creative shoppers can use merchandise from her collection to express the type of personality they see in their offspring.

Customers living through the experience will get a kick –– and a laugh –– from the tees proclaiming “I Don’t Sleep” on a bright neon pink tee of fifty percent cotton and fifty percent poly that stands up to repeated washings. Another bodysuit also available as a tee and sized for infants and toddlers, announces “Will Sleep for Food” and, for a change of pace, there are items to identify a little one feeling “Cranky” or “Happy.”

To commemorate special b-days, there’s a tee shirt or bodysuit for the birthday boy or girl with a prominent number one through four boldly declaring the youngster’s age on that special day.

typebaby clothing makes a great shower or new baby gift including the brand-new offering that proclaims “New” in bold neon pink on a white ground. Leave a few prominently displayed and watch shoppers snap them up for the most recent arrival into the world. All typebaby merchandise is one hundred percent cotton or a comfy cotton-poly blend.

Sharp type for sharp kids: www.typebaby.bigcartel.com