BoosterPalz Supports Back-Seat Snoozers

Every parent who has traveled with a child in tow has watched with horror as their little one falls asleep in the car, slumped into a grotesque shape. Fixing this while speeding down the highway never works and is a major safety hazard. Drivers search for something to keep those little heads from banging into the car door but never have the right item on hand.

A safer, easier and more effective alternative to a folded jacket, BoosterPalz is a perfect travel companion. The pillow has a soft cushion to provide non-confining support around a child’s neck. Furthermore, it offers a supportive plush body to keep kids from hunching forward or falling sideways, no matter which way the child falls asleep.

BoosterPalz pillows come in several forms, all totally kid pleasing. There is Ko Ko, a brown and white monkey; Alli, a cat in purple and white, and Spotz, a black-and-white spotted dog with black, floppy ears. All are lovable and in each design, the animals’ paws extend upwards to form a secure nest for young heads that close and open with a simple magnet. Flip a pal around and use it for back support when seated in a chair. Every BoosterPalz has a front pocket that is the perfect size to store a snack or small game.

Kids love these travel pals and, best of all, there is no need for an adult to hook anything up or make adjustments while driving. Hand over the BoosterPalz before the trip begins, and wait until the urge to snooze hits. Children will position their animal as they wish and drift off in a secure, safe position. When not in use during travel, the animals make a dandy pillow to snuggle into.

Coming soon are new animal pillows with characters in the form of a penguin, lion, bear and dragon. The pal that never lets you down:

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