A Fashionable Nursery is a Click Away with Lolli Living

Living Textiles Baby by Lolli Living

Decorating a nursery is one of the most exciting and anticipated parts of preparing for a new baby. It’s also a way for mothers to express their creativity. Most moms have an idea of the vibe they want to create for their little one’s room, and they spend months dreaming, planning, and buying until everything is just right. While some parents like to mix and match, using appealing pieces they find along the way, it can be much easier to use pieces from collections. Doing this ensures that all the pieces will harmonize well in color and pattern, and generally takes the guesswork out of bringing a room’s style to life.

Living Textiles Baby by Lolli Living
Lolli Living is a textile company specializing in nursery gear. It offers parents the best of both worlds when it comes to nursery decoration; it allows them to choose complimentary pieces from various collections in order to create their own look. All the collections are designed to layer so there’s no worry of striking out when choosing a combination. Customers can go subtle and staid or artsy and exotic. Either way, it’s bound to look great and put-together.

Of course, customers can just go with the collections as is. They’re made to look eclectic just as they are so they don’t give the overly-matched, cookie-cutter impression common in some nursery collections. For example, the Phinley collection features a cute counting penguin. All the pieces in this collection include some combination of lime green and blue-grey mixed with geometric black and white patterns. Customers can choose from any or all of the pieces, from lamps and mobiles to crib sheets and blankets, and they all look wonderful together.

Living Textiles Baby by Lolli Living
Lolli Living has so much buzz surrounding it thanks to its unique and trendy style, you would think it’s a brand new company. Quite the contrary, Lolli Living has been around since 1963 under the name Living Textiles Baby, but spent the lion’s share of its existence serving only Australian customers. It wasn’t until 2008 that the company opened an American division. The Living Textiles brand is still alive and well, and has its very own website. It sells similar products to Lolli Living but offers a more classic look with posh fabrics.

Parents who are looking for interesting, modern, yet whimsical nursery style will love what Lolli Living and Living Textiles have in store. Check them out at www.lolliliving.com and www.livingtextilesbaby.com

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