The Groovy Gator is Swamped with Business

Newport, Rhode Island is one of the most popular tourist locations in America. Known for its historical sites as well as its shopping and entertainment, this seaside town’s cozy inns, trendy shops and gourmet eateries draw thousands of visitors each summer. If a business wants to stand out in Newport, it has to offer something unique and interesting. In that department, Groovy Gator delivers. While the Groovy Gator has been open a relatively short time compared to some of Newport’s old standbys, it has made an impression on locals and tourists alike with its charming collection of children’s fashions, toys and accessories. The tag line “where the cool kids shop” is quite accurate; the shop on Swinburne Row, as well as the online store, has its finger on the pulse of the kids’ fashion world.

Groovy Gator’s success is owed largely to the ability to know what customers want. The store stocks brands that have a long-standing good reputation in the industry, as well as up-and-comers that offer fresh styles. Parents looking for the latest children’s styles in addition to classic designs won’t be disappointed in the selections chosen by owner Leslie Cathers, who founded the business in 2008 and has been enjoying the journey every step of the way.

Alongside brands like Moxy and Mabel, Mustard Pie, and Tooby Doo is the Groovy Gator’s very own label, which embodies traditional New England style with a bold twist. Sailor-style dresses and A-line skirts are updated with vivid patterns in a palette of jellybean colors. Cathers’ designs are inspired by her love of bright color, exciting patterns, and comfortable fabrics. She saw the store as a vehicle to introduce her creations to a wider market, and the reception has been excellent.

Like any good seaside shop, the Groovy Gator keeps things interesting by including a little bit of everything in their inventory. Customers can browse the shelves (or the pages, if they’re shopping online) to find the latest cool thing. In the clothing category, there are hair accessories, hats, mittens, and swaddle cloths for baby.

In addition to clothing, Groovy Gator also offers a selection of toys. 100% Peruvian cotton plushies are a big seller, as are Seedling’s “create your own” line that allows kids to craft their own dolls, superhero capes, snow globes and more. It’s a great place to get a classy kid’s gift or low-key souvenir from a Newport vacation.

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