Kids Get a Kick Out of Donkey Products

Being on-trend and in style are more than just adjectives decorating the “About Us” page: these words form the foundation of successful children’s businesses. Rapidly changing attitudes and tastes mean that companies need to be innovators. Which suits Florian Berger’s Donkey Products just fine, as the company is “always ahead of the curve – always on the hunt for the new and the different.” The German company is known for developing unique pieces that surprise and delight. As a family business, there is a strong focus on fostering the creativity in design that captures the imagination. Donkey Products takes the everyday experience and makes it fun.

For example, why should breakfast be boring? Kids are wowed by the Funky Eggs collection, a series of egg cozies that jazz the ordinary boiled egg. The hand-crocheted, 100% cotton pieces come in a range of smile-inducing designs, like a chicken, a Viking, or a silly friend. There are also a variety of baby bibs, with pieces like the Eat N’ Win Carrot Bingo bib(machine-washable).

Hot-selling products include the Tape Gallery: My First Autobahn. The adhesive track looks just like a racing road and the set includes a toy car and gift box; it’s great for traveling, as the track sticks just about anywhere and can be easily removed. My First Train is a part of this series (set comes with a toy train, adhesive “railway track”, and a gift box), as are a variety of holiday-related adhesive tapes (Christmas, Birthday, and Advent themes).

Kids will want to get cleaned up with the Building Block soap (“Bob”). Shaped to look like a popular building block, each bar measures 7 x 3 x 2.5 cm and is pH-neutral. Parents having trouble getting kids in the bath can always use a little bribery: the Kids’ Sponge Donkey Princess set includes a sponge crown and scepter (in royal pink and purple, of course).

Boys will like the Donkey Pirate set, a green and blue tribute to the high seas that includes a hat and sword. Kids spend a lot of time in front of computer screens, so the I-Wood My First Laptop is a way to combine the comfort of a laptop with a creativity-driving chalkboard. At 24 x 35 x 2.5 cm, it is the perfect size for little ones to handle on the table or propped up on a lap. The toy opens and closes just like a real computer, but comes loaded with plenty of chalk for drawing on the chalkboard “screen.”

Budding artists are covered with the My First Face Book. The book sports 68 pages of faces that kids can draw on and decorate, giving them a beginning understanding of how to form the human face.

Creative design for the everyday:

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