MoochicBaby Updates Art of Block Printing

Most of us wear and use printed textiles every day, but few of us give much thought to how the prints are made. Prints are often made through the process of screen printing, in which a screen is used to filter ink onto the cloth in the desired colors and configurations. Long before this method was used, people had to employ simpler ways to transfer prints onto cloth. Hand block printing is the earliest and most time-consuming method of printing; it is also considered an art form, due to the time and talent that goes into the process.

In block printing, the artisan carves an image into a wooden block so that when it is dipped in ink it creates an impression on the fabric. Separate blocks are required for each color used on a piece, and great care is needed to ensure that the prints line up properly. Block printing is popular in many parts of South Asia and has become a sought-after style to fashion-conscious consumers across the globe.

MoochicBaby brings the exotic flavor of hand block printing to children’s clothing and décor. The company offers 100% cotton blankets and nightwear in a variety of colors and prints. While the prints are created the old-fashioned way, they have an updated, playful look meant to bring a touch of whimsy to a child’s room. Prints available include Orange Chicks, Blue Seahorses, Green Turtles, Pink and Purple Polka Dots, and more. Customers can choose quilted blankets, muslins and classic nightwear in both two-piece and romper designs. The blankets feature coordinating prints on the reverse side so that it’s easy to change up the look.

Yuva Rae Gurbaxani and Aneesa Daswani are the owners of MoochicBaby. As mothers themselves, they understand how important it is to decorate a nursery or kids’ room with love and style. They also understand many parents’ desire for children’s clothes and bedding in natural materials. Both women are of Indian descent and lived in London when they launched their entrepreneurial endeavor. Their international backgrounds helped shape their artistic tastes and mold their creative vision for their company. The pair takes pride in the fact that their products are made from high-quality materials and –– thanks to block printing –– are each original and unique works of art.

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