Safe Sipping with Kid Basix

For some parents, the quest for the perfect sippy cup can become a time-consuming pursuit. A cup should be easily washable, leak-proof, and strong enough to hold up to the daily wear and tear that young children can dish out. For a lot of parents, the material the sippy cup is made of is very important; not only does it affect the performance of the cup; it may also have an impact on the child’s health. The dangers of BPA are now well known, but it took many years for those risks to come to light. Now, parents have concerns about other types of plastics that are being offered as alternatives to BPA materials. This has led to some parents moving away from plastics entirely and instead using sippy cups and bottles made from glass. Of course, glass can have its own safety risks too.

California-based Kid Basix has created a line of youth cups made to be safe, efficient and attractive. The Safe Starter, Safe Sippy, Safe Sippy 2 and the Safe Sporter all have features that make them great choices for kids. The bodies are made from non-leeching, food-grade stainless steel; a wise choice for a sippy cup thanks to its anti-microbial properties, light weight, and durability. They also come with thermo plastic rubber sleeves (removable) to help keep cold liquids cold and to make gripping easier for little hands.

When the sleeves are removed, the contents of the bottles can be easily warmed under hot water. On the models that have spouts, the spouts are designed with a straw-like shape for easy drinking. The Safe Starter –– the company’s baby bottle –– features a lactation consultant-developed,w vented nipple design that helps prevent excess gas. The Safe Sporter’s durable design and convenient grip are perfect for use during running, hiking or other sport activities. In addition to these health and safety advantages, Kid Basix drinkware looks great. Pastel sleeves team up nicely with the stainless steel bodies for a streamlined, modern look.

Since Kid Basix was founded in 2006. CEO Susan Soja has vigilantly stayed on top of the trends in children’s drinkware to make sure her customers are offered the highest-quality products. She understands the concerns parents have regarding safe materials, both for the sake of their kids’ health and for the health of the planet.

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