T-Shirt Tails Gives an Old Style a New Look

Tied-up T-shirts have gone through several phases of popularity, from 1950’s California beach girls to 1980’s pop stars and beyond. It’s a classic look for many reasons. From a practical standpoint, it’s a means of keeping an oversized shirt from getting in the way of movement, but it’s also a cute, flirty fashion choice that complements a number of looks. For years, rubber bands have been the T-shirt tie of choice, for lack of better options, but now there’s T-Shirt Tails, a new accessory that makes tying up a T-shirt easy, fun and fashion-forward.

The idea for T-Shirt Tails was born when founder Beth Tedesco’s daughters decided on a whim to tie up their T-shirts with rubber bands. Like many little girls, Alex and Hannah liked to experiment with new ways to wear their clothes, but on that particular night, their fun inspired a creative brainstorm.

Beth had the notion to devise a better way to tie T-shirts; something that would look classier and not cause as much bunching as rubber bands. She was reminded of the clips often used to tie up the T-shirts of mall mannequins and thought that something like that would be a great alternative. After some research, Beth developed a prototype for her product and let her daughters’ friends give them the “kid tested” seal of approval. Before long, Beth was running a full-fledged business, offering a product that was both simple and innovative.

T-Shirt Tails are circles with a bar going horizontally through the center. When the T-shirt is pulled through and tied according to instructions, they hold the T-shirt in place securely. They are made from tough yet flexible rubber so they stay put when in use but are comfortable enough to be worn during outdoor play and sports activities. They’re available in 14 designs to help turn a plain, solid-color T-shirt into a fashion statement. Choices include animal prints, chevron patterns, cat and horse themes, and more.

Starting a business has profited Beth in many ways, not all of which are financial. She found that her new enterprise was an excellent way to strengthen her relationship with her daughters and teach them about entrepreneurship. She also found that it was a wonderful to give back to the community. A portion of the proceeds from every sale of T-Shirt Tails goes to benefit various charitable organizations, including animal shelters and breast cancer research funds. Check them out online at www.tshirttails.com

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