Yogibo Is Not Your Mama’s Ol’ Bean Bag!

It all started with a caring husband looking out for his pregnant wife. She was losing sleep as she attempted to find comfort contorting and repositioning her pregnant belly. Soon Eyal Levy and his wife were seeing and utilizing the concept of stretchy fabric beanbags and they began to play with the idea. Immediately they started filling their basement with unique bean bag designs and products, until very quickly it became too crowded with all the Yogibo products that customers were waiting to buy.

Yogibo designs comfy and supportive lounge beds that can be used inside and outside. Products range from YogiBalls and neck pillows all the way up to their six foot Max, a gigantic bean bag. Levy says the products are predominantly for families with kids from one to 21 years old. Their flag product, the Yogibo Max was chosen the number one product for dorms by one of the top student magazines. Their products are perfect for people with back issues, pregnant women, and kids with special needs and sensory issues. Other top sellers include the Zoola Max, Yogibo Support, Tablo (their iPad pillow), and Zipparoll (a versatile support pillow).

Levy explains his success: “People fall in love with the concept. If you want to relax than nothing is more relaxing than Yogibo. If you want to go wild, then you can jump on Yogibo, in a way you just can’t jump on any other furniture. The combination of the stretchy durable fabric and frictionless beads makes Yogibo the only furniture that completely molds to the body and is why our customers say that it’s shockingly comfortable.”

After starting in 2009, sales have grown organically every year. They’re consistently adding more products and more designs which in turn generates more sales. Levy thanks his great staff that is creating a unique shopping experience for customers.

Levy says his favorite design is the new baby product, the Hugibo. They’ve just introduced this product as Yogibo’s new mascot. It is a character-shaped beanbag. Levy shares, “Hugibo likes to hug. Kids can sit on Hugibo and be wrapped up in his arms to get the ‘proper hug’ they need. We have big plans for Mr. Hugibo.”

For more information, visit www.yogibo.com

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