Practicality Is Top Priority at Bella Bundles

Early in the morning, Julia Feldman would place her daughter in her stroller, cover her with her blanket, and head out for her run. Yet, within minutes the blanket was coming untucked, dragging on the ground and getting caught in the wheels. Shaking off the dirt-ridden blanket, she thought, “Maybe we can tweak this.” Bella Bundles offers blankets, bibs, sleep sacks and hooded towels that are altered ever so slightly to strengthen their functionality.

After giving birth to her first daughter, Feldman had a better understanding of what was lacking in the baby blanket, bib and towel market. Bibs were always too short and they were not reversible. Blankets would always fall off the stroller, becoming dirty and failing to shield her daughter from the sun or keep her warm. She also couldn’t find a blanket that worked well with her baby carrier or that helped her nurse privately in public Hooded towels were cute but they always fell open leaving little ones cold.

As a working mother of a 7 year-old, 3 1/2 year-old, and 5 month-old, Feldman has built Bella Bundles slowly. She recently hired a publicist and sales representative to help. Never having an art background, Feldman serves as head designer stating, “Art was always my subject throughout school…. With childbirth I got creative about things and everything has now come full circle.” She finds inspiration from many sources, including her young daughter and her passion for fabric and design, and a preference for stylish, cozy and practical blankets, bibs and towels.

The line has been so successful according to Feldman because it is for the “modern mom” she says, “It’s functional, stylish, and moms want much more functionality in the everyday product.”

The top seller, Blanket on the Go, can snap onto strollers and carriers and safely snap around the mothers neck to provide coverage while nursing. The stylish bibs are long, reversible and feature a terry cloth bottom to cover and wipe those messy spills. The hooded bath towel is made with a snap closure at the nape of the neck, keeping infants through children warm and bundled. This is also Feldman’s favorite: “It has the most functionality and it was my first product.”

Everything is designed and manufactured in Southern California, where Feldman is a native. She says, “I am really lucky to be able to produce here. It gives a lot of flexibility.” Products are for children ranging from birth to age 8, and gift sets are available.

Currently Bella Bundles is developing a drool bib for infants; the boy’s bib even has a cute terrycloth neck tie to wipe the drool. For more information, visit

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