Ha Ha Hoodies Beat Those Winter Blahs

There’s very little funny about some of the cold winter temperatures around the world, but it’s all good in the hood if you have fun with your outwear. Rasta Imposta is the real deal when it comes to costumes and accessories for kids of all ages and their Ha Ha Hoodies are sure to get laughs from even the most embittered winter survivor. These zip-up hoodies are made to be warm and can be used as costumes or just conversation starters throughout the year.

Your older customers will smile with nostalgia when they find out Rasta Imposta began over 20 years ago when Robert Berman created the Original Rasta Hat in the 90s. With its sewn-in dreadlocks it quickly became the accessory of the decade. Rasta Imposta has branched out to bring joy to all ages.

Cure the winter blues with the Monster Blue for teens from 13-16. With one google eye and big yellow horns, teens will get noticed in the right way. The girlier monsters out there can sink their teeth into the pink version of the Monster Hoodie complete with pink and purple polka dots. With offerings in 4-6X, teen and adult, just imagine the family picture opportunities.

Magical moments can be made with the Unicorn Hoodie complete with rainbow colored horns in purple and pink. More real animals include sharks (including the signature fin on the back of the sweatshirt), ladybugs, and penguins.

Hippie parents will be hyped for the Grateful Dead Bear hoodie in green, orange, pink and purple.

Think holidays for next year with Santa, Elf and Christmas Tree hoodies. Be festive but make sure they don’t poke their eyes out with the A Christmas Story Bunny hoodie.

Or maybe your customers want to eschew the standard costume this year and take Halloween by storm in a Black Cat hoodie. Parents will love the alternative to bulky costumes their little ones can’t move in with awesome underage options like bumblebees, chickens, gnomes and even a hot dog. No makeup needed with the Monsta Man Frankenstein style hoodie. With its telltale silver bolts and fuzzy black “hair” on top of the hood, parents won’t need to mess with makeup to be on point. No worries about whether it will be warm enough to go out and trick or treat; these easy-to-zip hoodies will still stand out even on the craziest day of the year.

Zip up your sales this year at www.rastaimposta.com

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