Packable Pails Are Good to Go

Eastern Iowa isn’t the place most people think of when they talk about the beach. Known for its thriving agricultural economy, rolling hills, and small but bustling city centers, this area of the Midwest is home to plenty of lakes but of course no white sandy beaches. It is, however, the birthplace of Packable Pails, a business that’s all about the sandbox and beach.

Packable Pails may look like regular sand buckets at first glance, but they collapse down to a small, flat manageable package that can easily be taken along on all your adventures. In addition to making great sand castle molds, these buckets can be used as planters or watering cans, storage containers for toys, or even picnic baskets that convert into sturdy serving plates. BPA-free and made of FDA food-safe material, they’re safe around kids and pets and are unaffected by UV rays, so they won’t break down in the sun. They’re available in a tropical variety of colors, including yellow, purple, orange, aqua and pink. It’s a simple idea, yet one that makes travel and beach-going so much easier and more fun for families.

Packable Pails founder Melissa Reed began her journey to entrepreneurship during a family vacation. She and her husband were on their way to the beach, and were feeling the pressure of fitting all their kids’ toys and gear into a reasonable load of luggage for the flight. She found that beach pails, of all things, were just bulky enough to cause packing woes, and she began to wonder whether there was a better option than what was out there. Eventually, she was struck with inspiration and reinvented the wheel, or in this case the beach bucket, turning a commonplace item into something new and innovative.

With her idea on paper, Reed was advised to create a prototype, but when she realized the cost of doing so and did the math, she decided it might be more profitable to spend that money having the product manufactured herself. This gamble paid off. Reed’s business is now growing, as Packable Pails become more in demand.

Recently, Reed created a new bucket based on the inspirational children’s book Have You Filled Your Bucket Today? by Carol McLeod. Reed and McLeod worked together to develop the large silver smiley-face bucket, to be used in homes and classrooms across the country to promote positive self-esteem and compassion for others. This year, Packable Pails is rolling out a limited edition Easter basket as well.

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