Duke of London Puts a New Hip Edge on Boys’ Fashions

London street fashion has been making its way across the world in magazines and runways, and now little dudes can dress in edgy duds no matter what side of the pond they live on with Duke of London. Unique designs by Kiri Proctor are uber cool comfort clothing for boys aged 6 months to 6 years. Duke of London is named after Kiri’s boys, London, 3 and Duke, 2. The style is revolutionary and radical, which is proving right on trend for the fashion forward mothers.

Duke of London has answered the call from fashion-forward mums across the globe. Since launching in 2012 as the dream of an Australian mother who simply loved dressing her boys, the edgy brand has filled a gap in the fashion market.

Nothing says fun and slightly dangerous like an artistic rendering of a deer skull, right? The Junior Giddy Tee has a water print of said skull with seamless edges and deep cut armholes. Pair this with a pair of the Skinnies, the super skinny leg jeans in stone wash with raised ribbing for a trendy ripped look.

Stop, it’s Hammer Time! The Swiss Hammers are drop crotch pants, medium weight with brushed fleece and an intricate design. The Skins hammer pants are faux leather drop pants. These pants are fashionable and flexible for the most active of boys.

So maybe they don’t have to work for their milk money, but that’s no reason little guys can’t look like they’re off to the shop. The Oil Skin Overalls are full-length faux leather coveralls with two pockets on the back and one on the front. Press studs on the straps add a funky feel.

Head it like Beckham with the Head Sock. This David Beckham inspired slouch beanie is reversible with grey on the reverse side or black, olive or bone on the front. Duke of London makes a knitted slouch cap for babies, too.

Introduce your customers to the hip world of Duke of London where boys fashion has no limits at www.dukeoflondon.co

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