MiniLou Tales Illustrate Joys of Childhood

It’s almost spring break, which leads to summer road trips. Despite what it looks like outside, in most of the U.S., we’ll all be on the road soon. And that means trying to offer the best in road trip entertainment. Parents will love you for offering something small, super portable, and with zero noise. Offer them a mini respite from the beeps of modern life with MiniLou. A children’s product company dedicated to bringing creative and portable products to families, MiniLou offers illustrated coloring books, paper pals and bookmarks for trips both short and long.

MiniLou’s Pocket Paper Pals are the perfectly portable paper doll set. Packaged in their own unique die-cut packet, these sets come with eight cards. Children can easily punch out the dolls and accessories. Each set also comes with two background cards with four illustrations total. Let stories come to life with the Fairytale Collection, including Alice in Wonderland, Hansel and Gretel, and Little Red Riding Hood. Animate little ones’ faces with Little Friends, including bears, kitties, and bunnies.

Capture a child’s imagination with MiniLou’s wildly fun and creative mini coloring books. MiniLou’s coloring books are sized to 5” x 7”, perfect for easy storage and travel. There are 23 pages of beautifully illustrated images. The Monster Emotions coloring book goes beyond just showing creatures smiling and frowning. The emotional language goes past happy and sad and even illustrates lonely and smug to teach kids to identify nuance.

Ever wonder what would happen if dinosaurs were still around? According to the If Dinosaurs Still Roamed the Earth coloring book, they might become realtors to sell houses to other dinosaurs. Whether dinosaur or human, it’s all about location, location, location. So naturally they’d want their house to be near a park and playground, right?

We’re going to assume we’re not the only ones putting our kids to bed early, so we can catch up on “Walking Dead,” so let your customers give kid-friendly accompaniments with the Everything You Need to Know About Zombies coloring book. Little preview: they love toys and dolls just like those living kiddos.

Reading an actual book on a road trip isn’t a totally lost art. Make reading even more special with MiniLou’s signature bookmarks. They’re the perfect gift topper, stocking stuffer, or book accessory.

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