Paris Meets Provence at Petit Lucette

Many times the history of a children’s product company is a family story. Juvenile product and fashion entrepreneurs tend to be influenced and inspired by the young people in their lives, or by experiences they had in their own youths. These are stories of creativity, innovation, talent, smarts and challenges, shared with people who are willing to provide love and support. These stories are particularly interesting when the company is headed up by a pair of siblings.

There’s something about two people who grew up with the same influences, but who developed their own unique creative visions that they can merge in a harmonious way. No rivalry here; theses siblings are on the same team and ready to stick together to reach their goals. Petit Lucette is one such company. Founders Anais Viel Castel and Clemence Laubier are sisters who grew up in Paris. While their founding story shares many elements with those of other family businesses, their sophisticated early life adds a dash of fairy tale to the mix.

Anais and Clemence grew up in Paris and spent many of their summers in Provence, one of the most beautiful countryside regions of France. It’s no surprise that these cultural influences lead to both girls being drawn to the fashion industry. Clemence, a graphic designer, has been the creative director whose clients have included some of the most celebrated design brands in Europe, while Anais put her talents to work at Hermes, as well as at various American fashion mags. Soon, they decided they wanted to combine their skills and work on a joint project of their own. Petit Lucette is a children’s clothing line that incorporates the sisters’ childhood influences to create a new and fresh look.

The collection has a slightly retro feel, with flourishes like gathered necklines and mother of pearl buttons on the girl’s pieces and sleeve patches for the boys’, but there are understated modern cuts as well, all in fabrics comfortable enough for kids to lounge and play in. The classic cut skirts, pants and tops can be mixed and matched to make a range of chic everyday outfits. The color choices draw from both the airy pastels of Provence and the deeper, more mature tones of the Parisian palette. Petit Lucette’s baby clothing collection is worth mentioning as well; the adorable mini versions of European styles in 100% cotton make classy and thoughtful baby shower gifts.

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