Vintage Is the Sticky Fudge Soft Spot

Vintage clothing has a charm all its own. Finding the perfect vintage piece at the thrift store or at a rummage sale can take you back to a different time and put one in a new state of mind. Not to mention it can look great combined with more modern looks for a funky ensemble.

When vintage clothing lovers have kids, many of them want to pass down their appreciation to the next generation. After all, who doesn’t love a baby or child in vintage clothing? The softer, more innocent styles suit the spirit of childhood, and these classic garments are usually very well made. Of course, authentic vintage children’s clothing can be difficult to find, so some enterprising clothing makers offer new clothing that’s inspired by vintage style and quality. Sticky Fudge is one of the most successful brands in that category. The South African company may not be a household name, but parents and retailers looking for the hottest kids’ fashion trends know that it’s a sought-after label.

Little boys will look adorable in their grandpa jackets and suspenders, while girls will get “oohs” and “aahs” in their frilly blouses and floral bloomers. Delicate sweaters, classic leggings, vintage tees and frilly tops recall a simpler time, while adhering to our modern standards of sustainable manufacturing. The neutral color scheme allows for mixing and matching and stays true to its vintage personality. Customers love the fact that Sticky Fudge clothing is made to last. With strong stitching and durable materials, parents can expect these garments to stand up to normal kid-inflicted wear and tear.

Sticky Fudge’s journey began in 2009, when founder Frinette Tolken began selling her 100% cotton designs at a local organic market. In addition to being earth-friendly, cotton is soft and non-irritating, making it the perfect fabric for children’s wear. It’s also cool and breathable during hot summer months, a big plus for South African customers.

Sticky Fudge is available in select boutiques around the world and is always looking to expand its horizons to include new stockists:

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