ZipIt Links Up Fun with Function

ZipIt is the brainchild of Israeli Industrial Design student Ishay Halmut. The products range from pencil cases to backpacks to women’s bags. Each bag is unique, playful and practical. ZipIt aims to ignite creativity and inspire its customers to think differently in order to unlock their potential. These products are for the young, and young at heart, who want to enjoy clever design at accessible prices.

ZipIt is different because it tries to challenge the status quo in the bags and cases market by offering customers products that are clever, fun, beautifully designed and well-made. Itamar Cohen, CEO of ZipIt says, “The fact that our designers come from different backgrounds, and multidiscipline expertise helps to make sure we are on the right track.”

The ZipIt designers in Tel Aviv work closely and with full synergy with the brand’s factories and design teams in Asia. Each one of the products is entirely handmade and goes through six quality assurance steps, which enables the brand to provide a lifetime warranty on all its products.

Top sellers include the Monster series that later was expanded to different product families and is today one of their top sellers. When Cohen is asked to describe his favorite design he demurs, “It’s like asking a parent, who is your favorite kid? The truth is that there are many designs I like; in each there is a different element that I love.”

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