Customize Your Phone with Make Your Case

For kids who want to stand out in a crowd with a fun, interactive product, Make Your Case is the perfect DIY kit. Kids can create the ultimate personalized cell phone cover that can be changed any time (every day if desired). Simple to use, each kit offers a variety of stickers and jewels to suit many different preferences. Created by the Maya Group, this innovative item helps children explore their crafty side with a safe, continuously fun product. The silicon phone covers are easy to make, with no added toxins. Parents and children will love these kits for birthdays, the holidays, or even for a rainy day inside. It’s a toy that will keep a child’s attention for quite a while.

Each kit includes almost everything needed to create a custom cell phone case (except for acid-free glue and safety scissors). The cases are made to fit a variety of devices including: iPhones 4/4s and 5/5S/5C, iPod Touch 5, and Samsung Galaxy S3/S4. Simply set up the mold according to the device type, choose the color, and start the molding process. It only takes two hours to harden, and during that time the back detailing can be made. Choose from their different kit options of spin art, decorative tape, or needlepoint. Need a more personal design? Insert a photograph of friends or pets instead. Alphabet stickers and colorful gemstones help add finishing touches to the case, all durable for everyday use.

Easily display each kit on a rotating display or hang on a wall to showcase their bright, fun colors. No need to put anything together either; they are ready to go right away. Offer one or all of the decoration options to give customers a selection. All of the components of Make Your Case have gone through the regulated safely testings, and passed all ASTM regulations. Furthermore, testing for chemicals and polymer are conducted to ensure a quality, harm-free product. Even the packaging and labels are included in these tests.

The Maya Group is inspired by kids to create toys and products that will keep their appeal long after they are opened. They find out from children what products they wish to have, and craft a toy from that inspiration. Inventors and creative designers are employed to turn these ideas into reality. In this way, the Maya Group consistently offers products that are fresh and relevant to the current trends for children.

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