Pash Kidz Styles Are Hip, Cool and Comfy

Start the summer with posh fashion from Pash Kidz, designed by Vivienne Pash. She is a Jamaican born, New York-based fashion designer whose brand focuses on creating trendy yet sophisticated and affordable ready-to-wear that appeals to the modern consumer. Pash Kidz offers all the essential wardrobe foundations, including leggings, hoodies, sweatpants and jackets.

Vivienne Pash’s designs are inspired by the classic styles of the 1960’s and 1970’s, with a focus on drawstrings and pleather, but are coupled with a youthful urban street twist. Pash blends an assortment of soft silk, jersey, and cotton organza in neutral colors and vivid prints, creating styles that are comfortable and unique. The neutral colors allow parents to pair the designs with things they already own, while still having a showpiece of quality design.

Leggings work for any weather, and the Pash Kidz colorful floral legging with pleather on the calves and suede trim are perfect for any party. They come in pink, royal blue, lime, tangerine, violet and jade. Wear them solo or underneath a drawstring skirt with pleather trim.

Hoodies are high style, even in the spring and summer, so hook young ladies up with cuffed short-sleeved hoodies jackets, with and without patch pockets. These hoodies fall below the waist and are loose and cape-like for comfort and easy layering. They can be worn with short or long sleeves underneath for a versatile fashion statement.

Your displays won’t be complete without dresses, so consider the ¾ sleeve dress with keyhole top and pleather trim at the shoulders and sleeve cuffs. A unique touch of a plate and drop waist makes the dress comfortable and cute. The dress comes in jade, grey, pink and lime all with black pleather and hits above the knee. Another option with a smaller keyhole has lace trim and also comes in violet.

Boys can join in the fun from Pash Kidz too. The long-sleeved baseball jackets are perfect for chilly summer nights. The white with black trim will show well with any of your displays, and it also comes in black with white trim or grey with black. Drawstrings will be a draw for youth on the go with the drawstring cuff sweat pant with pleather trim at the knee in grey, tan, royal or oatmeal. The pants will go well with the waffle knit pullover hoodie with and without drawstring in the same color options.

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