Cloud b Super Max the Turtle Aids Restful Sleep

Cloud b CEO Linda Suh (left) with the Wilford family

Most parents will try anything to comfort their child at night, especially when they have to stay at the hospital. One family in particular found a solution with a Cloud b toy, the Twilight Turtle. To help her 7-year-old son Max battling brain cancer, mom Audra Wilford gave him Twilight Turtle, and he immediately felt the healing calm of the tranquil star display. This inspired her to start the MaxLove Project, an organization that raises money to fund childhood cancer and rare diseases research, and to donate hundreds of thousands of Cloud b Super Max turtles to children currently fighting these illnesses.

With Super Max the Turtle, a solution to help comfort and calm a sick child has been developed. Using natural visuals, this toy helps kids fall into a deep slumber, and reassures them if they ever awake in the middle of the night. Super Max is easy to clean, durable, and small enough to be toted almost everywhere. This whimsical toy is perfect for gender neutral gifts that help support a heartfelt cause. Super Max also comes with a booklet that tells the story of a regular turtle, decked out in a rainbow cape, who fights darkness with a bright shining light.

The turtle’s peaceful visual display projects stars in three calming colors: green, amber, and blue. There is an adjustable brightness feature that parents can set before bedtime, and can choose which colors to display too. The 23-minute pediatrician recommended timer length ensures a dark room that facilitates falling to sleep. Only needing three AA batteries, these turtles work great at home as well as in child care centers to help kids keep a regular sleep cycle. Each turtle has been tested extensively and has passed all safety regulations. There is also an automatic shut off feature after 45 minutes, in case it’s left on.

Winning both the seal of approval by the National Parent Center and the Honors National Parent Publication Award, these turtles are getting a lot of attention. Display each one along with other sleeping products for a well rounded shopping experience. Helping out a charity, as well as children who need comfort when they are away from their home, is enough motivation to stock entire shelves with Super Max the Turtle. Once a customer hears the story, they will be sold.

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