Hoofitz: Rain Boots for Horseplay

For kids who don’t just want to own a pony but would like to be one, check out Hoofitz rain boots, footwear with a unique sole that leaves hoof prints. The rationale is that the sole mimics the grip, flexion, and balance of a horse’s hoof so the boots are comfortable as well as long-wearing. As an antidote to couch-potatohood, these boots are fun to wear, encouraging youngsters to get up, go out and horse around.

The first product from this company are rain boots for children that are water-, oil-, acid- and-alkali-proof and therefore resistant to corrosive elements. The boots are made of thermoplastic resin used in a wide variety of rainwear products and have an anatomically designed insole that is soft enough to be comfortable, yet firm enough to provide needed foot support. Boots also have a colored, detachable tail and a kick plate so kids can take them off by themselves.

Eileen Kenney, professional horse trainer and highly experienced rider who competes in equine events often on her own horse Riot Gear, created Hoofitz. Her inspiration comes from her own life: “As a kid, I used to gallop around outside and pretend to be a horse, ” she says. “Today my young daughter does the same thing with her friends. They gallop around and jump over makeshift jumps and feel the freedom of their own imaginations. The Hoofitz interactive experience of pretending to be a horse can foster imagination and play, and that is what I love most.”

The boots’ patented molds and copyrighted lining patterns are designed by Kenney. To get completely into the spirit of things equine, boots come in realistic colors: Bay, Dapple Gray, Chestnut, Palomino, Black & White Paint and a limited run Pegasus Print.

Horse happy, with no neighs: www.hoofitz.com

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