NeatCheeks Eliminate “Food Fights”

One evening Danielle Stangler was out to eat with her family when she looked over to see her 18-month-old daughter covered in macaroni and cheese. Stangler knew that her tired little one was going to hate having her face wiped and was anticipating the scene that she was about to endure. She asked her husband to dip his napkin in his drink and proceeded to wipe her face. To her surprise, the reaction to the napkin was “nummy, nummy!” As it turned out, her husband’s drink was lemonade. Stangler was able to get every last piece of food off with no battle at all. From there, the idea for a flavored face wipe was born.

Stangler then went and recruited a friend, former colleague and new mom Julia Rossi to help take her concept to reality. Together they turned the idea of a flavored face wipe into the brand NeatCheeks. The face wipes were initially created for toddlers who were just enjoying solid foods, which is when they found that their kids began the face wipe battle.

Stangler and Rossi have learned that kids of all ages love NeatCheeks, from newborns to tweens and teens. Moms tell them they even use NeatCheeks to wipe off their lipstick because they enjoy the stevia flavor left behind.

Stangler reports on NeatCheeks’ success: “There has never been a flavor in a face wipe, and we believe that NeatCheeks have been successful because they really work. They change a child’s behavior from fighting the face wipe, to actually asking to be cleaned up. It is quite remarkable.”

NeatCheeks are produced in California and Stangler is proud to say their manufacturers are eco-friendly, using solar energy to power their facility. Stangler is very involved in all aspects of production, as she says, “We are very hands on with design and have used a local firm here in Colorado and more recently a design firm in New York.”

Top sellers include the NeatCheeks Travel Packs; this 12-count travel pack launched just about a year ago. These packages are the perfect size to fit in a purse, pocket, baby carrier or diaper bag. They are compact in size for convenience and offer less packaging waste than a typical wipe. “We like to say that they are just about the same size as an iPhone, so anywhere you can stash your phone, you can stash NeatCheeks.”

Currently NeatCheeks is in development of a new flavor, and a value pack that offers more wipes. For more information, visit

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