Casdon Makes Cooking and Cleaning Fun!

There’s a reason role playing is part of developmental questionnaires once kids exit toddler parallel play and start getting into true socializing. It’s a true indicator of the child’s ability to understand and mimic the adult world around them. And it doesn’t hurt that the pretend play can turn into real helping down the line. Casdon has a reputation for innovation and has been renowned for toy innovation for over 65 years. Casdon relies on reputable domestic brand licenses like Dyson to create truly life-like experiences for children of all ages.

New to Casdon is their relationship with Dyson. The Dyson Ball Upright Vacuum Cleaner has been designed to be true to life, right down to the last detail, so little helpers can really help. There’s a working suction and cyclone action so kids understand the cause and effect of a vacuum, and the real-life sounds add realism to the experience.

Everyone knows that beyond cleaning, fixing things is a key life skill. The Tool Box Workbench influences the future DIY crowd with a full setup including a drill, vice, table saw, hammer, screwdriver and more!

When the hard work is done, celebrate with a cake. The Mix and Bake set features a real working mixer and accessories in new contemporary colors. The set even includes three pastry cutters, a rolling pin and mixing bowl.

Maybe it’s been a hard day of play and the kid just wants something quick. The George Foreman Toy Grill has been designed to be totally true to life, including the ubiquitous grates, a dial to turn up the heat, and a grease catch. To really make it come alive, the Cut & Play Food has selection of fruit, vegetables and other items that can be “cut” in half with a knife and then stuck together again.

When grownups use up all their food, they have to shop. Kids can replicate the experience with the Self Service Supermarket. Similar to markets found all over the world, this trendy toy has an electronic till with realistic sounds, a scanner, chip and pin machine, and a basket loaded with branded food.

And when the day is done, they can drive home for a glass of milk with their electronic Sat Nav Steering wheel that includes driving directions from a “GPS” and realistic driving sounds.

Casdon toys can help make kids a part of our world, preparing them for the real world ahead. Shop now at

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