Cuddle up to Mary Meyer Stuffed Toys

Team Camo Bestever Baby Mat

FabFuzz Lil' Hedgehog
Stuffed toys occupy a special place in kids’ hearts as the adored creature they take to bed, the special pal they hang with during the day or the loved fuzzy they turn to for cheer. The third generation of the Mary Meyer company, in business for over eighty years, makes stuffed wonders that incorporate important safety features with creative designs and top quality materials, explaining why toys from here are best sellers.

The new Camouflage line offers a whimsical, washable lobster in pink or green camo as well as the Bestever Baby Mat that comes in pink and green featuring a big bear hug. It measures thirty-one inches long and is machine washable for a super-wow baby or shower gift.

The Vegetable Soup muslin cotton swaddling blanket is white with a colorful alphabet print. This dual layer multitasker can be used as a swaddling blanket, nursing cover, changing mat, stroller cover, and more.

New to the FabFuzz line and a great seller is the 11 inch FabFuzz Chicken with fuzzy buns and wing tips, a yellow peak and red comb. The FabFuzz Ostrich stands 20 inches tall, sporting outrageous eyelashes, very fuzzy wings, and knotted knees.

Fernwoods Brooke Bunny
Fernwoods are eleven inch creatures of the woods decked out in bright dresses with cute pockets or appliqués. Their clothes are easy to put on and take off as the necks are expandable with Velcro closures. Marigold Doe is stylish with a hair ribbon on one ear; she wears a print dress with an owl on the front. River Raccoon is dressed in a black and white print dress with a sweet pink pocket in front and yellow “booties,” while Skylar Mouse’s dress is a red-and-white dot with a teacup and curling smoke appliqué.

Critters from the Jungle group are always popular with oodles of charm. Marley Monkey is twelve inches from nose to tail, while the FabFuzz Zebra is fourteen inches with fuzzy stripes. Smiling, green Anthony Alligator has teeth that smile but don’t bite with soft fur and great floppiness. Very young kids can start their furry pal adventure with a pacifier holder like the new orange and blue Lion WubbaNub with a Soothie brand latex-free “binkie.”

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