Happy Kidz Knows That Little Things Mean a Lot


Parenting young children is often all about the small details. Something as simple as a malfunctioning part on a toy or a sticky stroller wheel can lead to a string of irritating events that can cast a shadow over the day. On the flip side, small enhancements that bring more convenience and ease to daily life can transform a family’s routine for the better. Happy Kidz is a company that offers a small but highly useful range of products designed to do the latter. Some their standout offerings include:

  • Doona Car Seat: This versatile infant travel system converts from a rear facing car seat to a compact stroller in just one simple motion. This super-convenient function spares parents the hassle and backache of hauling around a heavy car seat, expanding their options for travel, sightseeing and more.

  • The Kid-Sit and Twoo: Parents raising two young children are quite familiar with the challenge of finding a way to cart around both kids at once while on walks, or other adventures. The baby takes the seat of honor in the stroller, while the “big kid” is stuck walking alongside, even when his or her little legs get tired out. The Kid-Sit and the Twoo help solve that problem in an ingenious way. These boards attach to the stroller to create an extra seat for the older child to safely and comfortably ride along, allowing for longer walks and more time for fun.

  • The Clam-P: When out and about, light blankets are a great way to keep the harsh sun and everyday debris out of a baby’s car seat or stroller. Simply drape the blanket over the seat to create a protective curtain and you’re good to go. Unfortunately, these light blankets aren’t easy to keep in place. They can slip off with the movement of the stroller, with a breeze, or with the help of a baby’s little hands. The Clam-P exists to prevent this annoyance. This clam-shaped clip attaches the blanket securely to the stroller or car seat to prevent slippage.

  • Scotchi: On those days when the weather is bad and the kids are stuck inside, board games can save the day. Scotchi Educational Games are more than just entertainment, they provide beneficial mental stimulation to help young children develop visual perception, hand-eye coordination, imagination, and memory. They’re also made with high quality, durable materials that enable them to take a beating and still be ready for another round of play.

Check them out at www.happykidssmartparents.com

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