Moms Have a Ball with Baby Bump

Expectant parents make a lot of purchases in the time leading up to the birth of their baby. Friends, family and other well-wishers also contribute to the collection with their useful, cute, funny and practical gifts. Of all the items parents acquire during the exciting days of expectant and new parenthood, very few are meant to have a long shelf life. Layette sets are only good for a few weeks, bassinets for a few months, car seats maybe for a year or so. Sure, collectibles and keepsakes are meant to stand the test of time as mementos to be kept on a shelf or in a box, but how many baby products can offer years of real functionality?

Baby Bump is a uniquely versatile product that offers years of usefulness, thanks to its multifunctional design. Many moms are familiar with the Baby Bump’s closest cousin, the fitness ball, sometimes known as a labor ball. These large inflatable balls can provide relaxation and relief from labor pains, making them a staple in birthing centers and hospitals.

While these standard fitness balls are designed based on a sound concept, they’re often lacking in some important areas, namely stability. Users can find it difficult to relax when using the ball because they need to tense up their muscles to help keep them from falling off of it. The Baby Bump, by contrast, offers excellent stability thanks to its six support pegs. It’s also made of high-grade, environmentally-safe material that’s strong and burst-proof.

These simple updates make the Baby Bump a game-changer for moms, who have a variety of options when using the ball. They can use it during pregnancy to reduce stress on their back muscles, and then use it during labor in the traditional way. In the baby’s early months, mom can sit on the ball with the baby and bounce gently, creating the type of soothing motion infants love. As the child grows, the Baby Bump can be used by both the parent and child to stay in shape and have fun.

Baby Bump founder Sarah Drake developed the idea for her product while babysitting her two-week-old nephew. She found that the best way to calm the fussing baby was to gently sit and bounce on her fitness ball while wearing the baby in a carrier. This experience inspired her to create a safer, more versatile option of the everyday fitness ball. The Baby Bump is available in six eye-pleasing colors and comes with a pump and instruction manual.

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