Patch Products Steps Up Their Game

Traditional baby toys have a lot to compete with in our fast-paced, technology-heavy world. The basic rules of early infant and child development are of course still in place, and there are some toys and games that hit those marks perfectly. However, the way in which children learn – and the types of toys parents seek out – has been affected by the increasingly interactive technology we’re exposed to everyday.

Sometimes, a company chooses to stand their ground with the old standards, offering superior quality classics that still have the power to impress. Other times, a company will tweak a classic, keeping the basics that made the original great while adding just enough new features to keep up with the trends. Patch Products chose to go the latter route with their Mirari Flip Flop ABC blocks. These clear cubes feature bright, colorful 3-D letters and characters sure to delight young eyes. For additional entertainment, the blocks have hidden magnets and come with a magnetized wand. The child or parent can wave the wand to make the “magic” letters and characters inside the blocks flip and turn. Because these blocks are interactive, they capture a baby’s attention in ways that standard wooden blocks may not. They stimulate the imagination, increase hand-eye coordination, encourage an understanding of cause and effect, and help develop an early love of words.

In 1986, a Wisconsin-based company called Patch Products, Inc. began producing puzzles for preschool age children. Prior to that, the company, which had already existed for 15 years, had only done printing for other businesses. Inspired by the growing trend toward boisterous board games made just for kids, they jumped on the band wagon and brought some of their own great game ideas to life. Their leap of faith paid off, and over the years the company grew to include a huge variety of board games and puzzles for kids, including Buzzword, 5 Second Rule, and 100 Wacky Things.

Eventually, Patch Products branched out away from just puzzles and games to offer an even bigger line of products, including licensed products featuring popular children’s characters like Dora the Explorer, The Berenstain Bears, SpongeBob Squarepants, and many more. Their toys and games are known for their high quality presentation as well as their benefits to child development. Company founders Fran and Bryce Patch stand behind their products and hope to continue offering toys and games that speak to today’s kids.

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