Won’t You Be My 24-7 Daddyhood Neighbor?

Welcome to the 24-7 Daddyhood. No red cardigans or fuddy-duddy t-shirts… here, dads can find the perfect graphic t-shirt to wear. From unique gift ideas to Father’s Day winning tees, Josh Beatty of 24-7 Daddyhood has created something screen-printed for everyone from dads to moms, babies to toddlers and anyone else that wants to sport a memorable graphic.

Graphic apparel has long been relegated to concert or vintage t-shirts. While a Rolling Stones tee still tells the world of love for a specific band, today’s t-shirt wearers are looking for something new and innovative in their graphic tees. As a stay-at-home dad in a world focused on two working spouses or a male provider home, Josh Beatty created 24-7 Daddyhood to focus on his unique viewpoint. His handiwork and attention to what the new 21st century modern family wants in apparel is evident in every edgy or funny or heart-warming design.

What started as a form of expression and frustration at the world of #1 Dad t-shirts has turned into an artistic outlet and apparel wonderland. Mr. Rogers may have had a train and puppets, but Josh Beatty’s 24-7 Daddyhood has pithy sayings and instant punchlines screen-printed on stylish apparel bringing an entirely new graphic view to the clothing market. Not only do his tees and apparel items bring a smile or a giggle to anyone who visits the Daddyhood, but the nature of the apparel brings a sense of community as well. All dads are new at one point and experience the same emotions and confusion. Josh takes that shared camaraderie and turns it into instantly recognized and identifiable graphic statements.

Dad baby shower gifts take on a humorous feel with matching dad and son shirts. Humor reigns at 24-7 Daddyhood with hats, hoodies, t-shirts and more emblazoned with Josh’s singular style of funny in graphic form. Those shopping for a daddy baby shower gift are no longer stuck with boring or clichéd choices for the new dad. By integrating his modern dad view into each garment, Josh Beatty has saved a new generation of dads from their gift being relegated to the re-gifting pile.

The 24-7 Daddyhood inventory isn’t just for dads. Designs for moms, babies and kids also include the same wink-and-a-smile styling that is inherent in each of the dad designs.

Move into the Daddyhood by visiting www.247daddyhood.com or contacting for further information on available designs. Red cardigan not required.

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