Coloring Goes Digital at Painting Lulu

Shoppers looking to help develop kids’ creativity (and who isn’t?) will relish ecologically sound, techy coloring books. Made of entirely recycled paper, activity books from Painting Lulu are fun and portable so they’re great to take along on trips long and short. The system bridges the gap between traditional coloring books — always a kid fave — and contemporary technology.

The technology is simple: kids color in the book and then, with a little adult assistance, scan the QR code on the page using a free app on a smart device — it doesn’t even require a download. Presto, the coloring page appears on the device and kids can continue coloring where they left off using the special Painting Lulu Digital Crayon that has a host of unique coloring tools and features.

The crayon itself responds to a tap and has a smooth touch and thick grip to fit easily into a child’s hand. The crayon is actually a crayon-like pen with a special rubber tip so it works with touch-screen devices. The one-click feature makes it a cinch for a young artist to share her work with admiring parent or caregiver. Books are thirty-two pages long and feature cute characters like Milky, the milk carton, Toby, the plastic water bottle and Max, the broken calculator, all aimed at getting across an important message about recycling.

Painting Lulu has received numerous awards from Tillywig Toy Awards, Toy Insider and Dr. Toys, attesting to the brand’s success. Next up will be Barbie and Hot Wheels packs with new developments available in September.

Besides encouraging creativity, the Painting Lulu system helps develop fine motor skills, essential to growth as well as fostering concentration, important for little scholars. Drawings can be easily retouched and enhanced and the whole process is entertaining so youngsters stay engaged.

Well-priced in line with more traditional coloring books, this is a whole new world of coloring. All kids won’t grow up to be famous artists but while they’re young they take easily to pictures on a page, adding their personal touches and color combos. To keep them entertained whenever there is a lull, take along Painting Lulu and minimize fuss anytime there is a need to wait. Rainy days? No problem. Paint your heart out.

A blend of then and now:

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