Social Media Drives Detroit Baby Business to Extraordinary New Heights

Secure Beginnings, a Detroit based manufacturer of a revolutionary breathable crib mattresses, has partnered with Media Genesis, a digital media agency, to create a series of social media videos. The videos have generated significant buzz and positive results on social media.

In early May, ABC Network’s reality show Shark Tank was in Detroit looking for entrepreneurs to showcase on its upcoming season. Shark Tank puts these entrepreneurs and their products in front of a panel of famous investors and allows them to pitch their products in the hopes that their business is chosen for investment. Julie Andreae, co-founder of Secure Beginnings, jumped at the chance to participate – and was selected to advance to the next round.

Secure Beginnings was founded in 2010 and produces crib mattresses that allow an infant who is face down to breathe normally through their mattress. The breathable crib mattress does not contain the fiber fill of a normal crib mattress and therefore maintains air flow, decreasing the chances of asphyxiation. The three founders, a pediatrician, an automotive safety designer, and an interior designer — whom all lost a loved one to SIDS — believe that back sleeping is best for infants. However, they know from personal experience what can happen should a baby roll in the middle of the night unattended. Having an air permeable mattress prevents sleeping babies from rebreathing carbon dioxide — one of the leading causes of SIDS.

One of the requirements of advancing into the next round of consideration for Shark Tank is the creation of a video detailing the product. Andreae was given only a few days to ideate, shoot, edit and submit a video, so she called on Media Genesis to help pull the video together quickly. After the on-site video shoot was complete, and the video was sent to Los Angeles for review, Andreae began posting shortened versions of the video to Facebook, YouTube and other social media outlets.

Attention on social media outlets was immediate and significant. Within three days, the videos garnered over 2 million views across a variety of social media platforms. The videos and video stills helped obtain over 12,000 new Facebook page likes, and had close to 150,000 thousands video “shares” in a 30-day period. Most impressive, the buzz on social media due to the help of the videos has helped Secure Beginnings more than triple their sales.

We thought this is going to be the opportunity to get on Shark Tank,” said Andreae, “but by producing these videos, and the success we’ve had, we feel we got that exposure before any decision from the show has been made.”

Detroit-based Secure Beginnings is on a mission to create a new standard in safety for crib mattresses. The company believes the science-based evidence is strong that air permeable mattresses are preferable to fiber-filled mattresses. Secure Beginnings is proud to call Detroit home and be a part of the revitalization and growth within the city.

Secure Beginnings currently offers three lines of their potentially lifesaving products for home use and also has a line for childcare center use. Their products are sold through top baby retailers — Babies R Us, Amazon, RightStart, and also The Company’s own on-line store.
Media Genesis is owned by partners Brad Frederick and Antoine Dubeauclard. Founded in 1996 and headquartered in Troy, Michigan, Media Genesis has been developing and designing online technologies, from mobile applications to e-learning systems, since the internet was in its infancy.

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