Get a Good Groove Going with Jam’n

As Digital Natives grow up with everything electronic, there’s a growing trend of going backward to a simpler time. As we see a resurgence in 80s fashion and throwback cartoons have become kitschy cool (how many handsome leading men weren’t even born when the heroes they play splashed across our TVs on Saturday mornings?), organizations like Jam’n Products are riding the wave. Fostering close relationships with historic vendors like Mattel, SpinMaster and more, Jam’n has cornered the market on old-school cool.

What’s more vintage than a rocking horse? Every house had one when most of us were growing up. Maybe you had the wood ones, with the splinters threatening with every use. Or the ones with springs, the severed finger potential just lying in wait each playdate. And all that to stay stuck in one spot, crying “Giddyup” to no avail.

Well, Jam’n got its hands on the perfect classic equestrian toy with a twist. The Ride-On Pony Cycle allows kids to ride wherever they want, more closely mirroring the experience of a real ride. Kids can make these fillies fly just by gently bouncing up and down in the saddle. This motion makes the horse’s legs and head move forward and backward, propelling the Pony Cycle into a gallop.

This equestrian evolution takes the concept of the rocking horse and moves it out of the living room and on to the streets. Children ages 4 to 9 will love choosing their favorite pony from dark brown, chocolate brown, black with white hooves, or black. More creative children might embrace the unicorn or zebra versions. Same concept, different beast.

For younger and smaller children, there are smaller versions of the pony so everyone can join in the fun safely. Good news for parents who focus more on development than pleasures of the past, these riding toys are sturdy and the motions required to make them move are teaching kids coordination and strengthening legs and core.

Jam’n has gotten its hand on this priceless treasure just in time for the holiday season! Imagine the display possibilities as you decorate your shop with these sellable steeds. And imagine little one’s faces when they open this gift and realize it’s mobile!

Beyond horseplay, Jam’n can make your clients feel young again with products from memorable manufacturers like Hot Wheels, Disney, Mattel and Matchbox. Jam’n has great reselling relationships with its vendors so you can be confident in your wholesale vendor relationship, too.

Gallop over to for a special treat this holiday season.

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