Take in Italian Masterpieces from Sonatina Shoes

Some of us see a piece of material and dream of all it can be. Lena Aboo made those dreams a reality. By simply finding a piece of leather from her mother’s skirt and witnessing the skills of an Indian shoemaker, Aboo was inspired to create her first pair of leather baby shoes. The experience of hand-making something as personal as a baby’s first pair of shoes brought Aboo closer to childlike creativity, a time with no rules. And from that feeling, she created Sonatina. As more people discovered her genius, Aboo recruited other craftsmen with like talents to continue weaving her seams and create new models while remaining true to Sonatina’s spirit. The result is the kind of display-worthy, high-quality leather shoes that will become heirloom pieces.

The Prince shoes channel saddle shoes of yore, with their quaint visible stitches. The leather on the Prince is super soft and the laces will allow parents to adjust the fit, especially crucial for new walkers. Handmade in Italy out of Nappa leather with a suede sole, these are ideal special occasion shoes sure to fly off your shelves.

For something less dressy but still great for any occasion, the Sonny in brown with a slightly darker brown at the toe is a great option. Also made out of Nappa leather, the Sonny would display great with a khaki pant and sweater combination.

The Pampered Camouflage for girls capitalizes on a trend but in a completely unique way. These camo ballerina shoes are 100% cotton fabric for the camo, with a leather interior and suede sole. These shoes will hold up great on the playground this fall. Another ballerina option is the Lucy with a gold glitter tip and leather soles.

For something a little more precious, the Charleen in ivory is covered in 100% suede, complete with a bow. If fall weather holds nicer, the Honey Bee is an open toe option also with a bow that will pair well with any dresses you’re displaying. While you’re thinking of dresses and back to school photos, the Shirley is a beautiful option with black, white and red leather and sweet straps and a bow on the heel.

Elvis brought us the great song and now Sonatina brings us the shoes: the Zazz is a blue suede shoe with brown laces and is built for boys or girls.

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