East Meets West at Bouton Kids

The Indian city of Mumbai is a bustling metropolis with a long and fascinating history.  As India’s financial, commercial, and entertainment capital, Mumbai is often the first to launch the fashion and lifestyle trends that go on to sweep the nation.  The Indian Stock Exchange is there, and so is Bollywood, the place where Hindi movie magic is made. Although the city has a past that includes colonization by both England and Portugal, and has retained some influence from both countries, today Mumbai is proudly and independently Indian.

Growing up in the city in the 1970’s, when it was still known as Bombay, was an exciting experience for Rekha Iyer, founder of children’s clothing line Bouton Kids. Rekha had an eye for fashion early on and her childhood memories involving clothing helped inspire her to create the designs that would lead to the launch of Bouton Kids. She loved the muted colors, intricate prints, and and soft, natural fabrics. The thought and care that went into shopping for fabric, having the clothes made, and caring for them for years to come helped her develop a respect for the art of clothing design, and a desire to offer the same high-quality textiles to her customers.

Now living in London, Iyer is watching her dream become a reality. Her sister, Sunita Iyer, a New York-based textile designer, introduced the brand to the United States in 2010, making Bouton a truly international company. The limited-edition tops, jackets, pants, skirts and nightwear are handmade in India using 100% cotton, natural dyes, and hand block printing. Drawing on Mumbai’s diverse past as well as Iyer’s own globe-trotting life, Bouton offers a lovely fusion of South Asian and European styles.

Indian-inspired styles have been hot in the Western fashion world ever since Gwen Stefani rocked a sari in the early 2000’s but has not been as prevalent in children’s wear until more recently. Bouton’s arrival came at just the right time, when parents were falling in love with fresh and out-of-the-ordinary clothing looks for babies and children.  It’s a favorite among fashion-savvy parents who want chic, eco-friendly kids’ clothing with a global flavor.

Like most Indian-influenced fashion, Bouton’s clothes are loose-fitting and comfortable while at the same time projecting a classy, put-together air. The simple cuts and durable fabrics make the line very practical choice as well, especially for active kids.

To see the full line, visit www.boutonkids.highwire.com

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