Linge Brings Ballerina Dreams to Life

Ask a group of little girls what they want to be when they grow up, and odds are you’ll hear the word “ballerina” uttered again and again. While only a small number of girls go on to be professional dancers, the dream of starring in the ballet sometimes stays with a woman well into adulthood, taking a back seat to real life adult responsibilities, but always lingering in the background. Thousands of little girls are enrolled in dance classes each year, in many cases by mothers who hope to see their childhood fantasies lived out through their own flesh and blood.

The draw of ballet is multi-faceted – beautiful music, graceful movement – but it’s undeniable that fashion is a large part of what makes the discipline so attractive to so many young girls. Ballet is known for its gorgeous costumes — satin bodices, tulle skirts and sparkling tiaras come to mind. Of course when talking about ballet you can’t forget the shoes. Those soft, pliable flats are super comfortable and help the feet slide through the dance moves perfectly.

Linge Shoes captures that Ballerina dream in their every stitch. The company prides itself on its high quality craftsmanship and authentic style that’s appreciated by professional ballerinas around the world. Even the company name is a dance term that refers to the line of a dancer’s body. You don’t, however, have to be a dancer to love Linge Shoes. Their super-comfortable, natural leather flats are just as much at home in a corner cafe as they are in a dance studio.

Parents will find that Linge’s line of baby shoes are perfect for growing feet and soft enough for new walkers to get their footing with ease. Older girls can enjoy these brightly colored flats as an accessory to their favorite outfits. Ballet flats never go out of style and complement a variety of looks.

This versatile style of footwear also has another popular use, as a “spare pair”. Whether a girl is at a formal event where she’ll be wearing less-than-comfy mini heels, or on a skiing/hiking trip where boots are the bulky footwear of choice, she’ll likely want to change into something more comfortable (and easy) when she can. Linge shoes are great for this purpose. Their light weight and pliability make them a snap to grab and take along wherever, whenever.

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