Sovereign Code: Outdoorsy Class

When people go shopping for clothing, they sometimes have practical reasons – the basics of protection and warmth that clothing has been used for since early civilization – but most of the time, they also have emotional reasons, hopes, dreams and expectations of how the clothing will make them feel, or the type of image they want to project when wearing it. That’s why the most successful clothing companies don’t just create stylish and well-fitting collections, they capture the spirit of a lifestyle that their customers can aspire to.

One of the most popular fashion/lifestyle genres in North America is the casual-outdoors look, made popular by brands like L.L. Bean and Lands’ End. These brands offer essentials like cable knit sweaters, corduroy pants, heavy rain gear and field coats. Strange as it may seem, the tough, durable clothing initially used for farm work and other demanding jobs during the early part of the 20th century eventually became sought-after fashions as more Americans adopted an urban or suburban lifestyle in the 1950’s and ‘60’s.

These rustic, timeless styles were no longer just symbols of everyday country life; they began to be combined with elements of New England coastal culture, and were soon associated with summer retreats, boating, horsemanship, and other activities commonly enjoyed by the upper class. This genre has become a staple of department stores, boutiques and better clothing catalogs from coast to coast. Sovereign Code is a standout company providing this clean, casual look. The company started out as a men’s brand and has branched out to include a boy’s label as well.

True to its heritage, Sovereign Code’s Boy’s collection has a definite outdoorsy feel. These are clothes that kids can wear to school but are also perfect for outdoor activities like camping or fishing trips. For the fall, you’ll find lots of plaid and flannel, as well as fleece-lined, quilted vests and cozy jackets. Shades of evergreen, garnet and goldenrod reflect the natural tones of the season.

The summer collection features lots of classic polo shirts, chambray, Hawaiian shorts, and light knit sweaters. The colors are mostly traditional as well, with lots of ocean blues and forest greens, and nice little surprise pops of apricot, red and canary yellow just to keep things light and bright.

In addition to its high quality clothing, Sovereign Code prides itself on excellent customer service, and trains all its employees, regardless of department, to be able to handle customer questions and concerns with knowledge and respect.

Substance over form:

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