Sprinkle on Some Love with KidzSprinkles

Every year, the flu and cold season seems to get worse and worse with new nasty versions of viruses or bacteria popping up. Now parents can arm their kids with an extra boost to beat the blustery cold and flu season, without giving them all the junk or sugar that hides in the usual “kid vitamins.”

KidzSprinkles is a genius doctor mom invention that gives parents a sugar-free way to get important vitamins and probiotics into little tummies. Works for adults too. Simply sprinkle on any food or drink and get a boost of vitamins, enzymes, minerals and probiotics, plus it’s totally tasteless on food.

KidzSprinkles is an easy, sugar-free way to get those important vitamins and probiotics into children to beat the winter illnesses. It’s a no-compromise nutritional boost that delivers all of the right minerals, vitamins, enzymes, probiotics and omega-3s, and blends seamlessly into any prepared meal. Skipping out on additives, preservatives and sugar and using non-GMO ingredients and being gluten free, KidzSprinkles is both doctor and dentist approved.

Even those fussy eaters in the family won’t notice they are getting sugar-free vitamins and nutrients. Dash a few sprinkles of this powder onto their favorite breakfast, lunch or snacks, and they won’t even taste it.

Parents can stop dumping sickly-sweet “candy” gummy vitamins or supplements filled with harmful ingredients into their children’s diets. Move away from chemicals, sugar, high fructose corn syrup or horrible additivities, and get some peace of mind — and a healthy boost — using KidzSprinkles daily.

Creator, founder and leading expert, Doctor Rach offers healthy alternatives to today’s sugar epidemic. Doctor Rach was surprised at what she found in the aisles of the mega-sized grocery stores when she moved to the U.S. Sugars, artificial sweeteners and highly processed foods seemed to be the American “norm.” Not satisfied with the choices available, she set out to develop something that would be both delicious and nutritious. KidzSprinkles and KidzShakes are healthy and taste great, without any added sugars or artificial sweeteners.

For the price of one regular, 30-serving bottle of gummy vitamins, KidzSprinkles has 90 servings of a complete multivitamin plus complete enzymes, probiotics, and omega-3s.

A healthier multivitamin to improve children’s nutrition: www.kidzsprinkles.com