Address Table Mess with The Cibo

Feeding milestones are some of the most watched and anticipated from parents during the early years. Once the teeth pop in and little gums start chewing, it becomes a whole new cleanup ballgame pretty quickly. Suddenly all the food piled on plates for hungry toddlers is falling on the floor, sticking to walls, and coating the table in grime.

Developed by Amy Chandler, a mom of a serious snacker, The Cibo is designed to keep crumbs and other goo in their place —- or placemat as it were. This little silicone mat can hold big messes with its crumb-catching lip underneath two friendly google eyes. The advantage is silicone is strong, so The Cibo will stick to most surfaces. This means The Cibo doesn’t have to limit its experience to just the kitchen table. Parents can roll the mat up easily and stick it on restaurant tables, airplane trays and just about anything you can imagine. Anywhere you are, just swipe everything into the pocket and do one big dump instead of handfuls of paper towels and messy rags.

It’s also not limited to just food mess from eating. Holiday sprinkles will easily scoop into the silicone lip, making cooking projects a clean affair. Some adult chefs have even co-opted The Cibo to help catch the mess from a cutting board.

Any parent who has carried a sweater full of glitter to an important work meeting will appreciate The Cibo’s ability to handle the craftiest kid. Craft time was made for The Cibo; it can easily deal with glitter, stickers, beads and any other detritus from tiny budding artists.

The Cibo comes in eye-catching colors like Bubblegum Blue, Lime Green, Raspberry Pink, and Strawberry Red. These pretty placemats will look great in any feeding display you can imagine, and make a great gift idea for birthdays and holidays.

The Cibo takes safety seriously, of course. The placemat is free of BPA, phtalates and harmful dyes. And because it was developed by a mom who has lived the messy life, The Cibo is also all about cleanliness. The silicon makes it easy to wipe down after every meal and its design allows it to be dishwasher safe on the top rack, so everything can be sanitized easily.

Simplify spaghetti night and make craft time fun again by bringing The Cibo into your space. Simply visit and watch them get snatched off the shelves.

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