Nicky + Stella = Fun Fashion for Littles

Nicky + Stella is about to make shopping for little ones so much more fun and a lot less stressful. No more going from store to store. Everything is conveniently located in one place. Choose from hip, cool and fresh clothes and accessories from brands around the world, not at the mall. Nicky + Stella is convenient, easy and totally on trend. This holiday season, make kids and your friends’ kids stand out in style!

Now we all know shopping for your babes can often get overwhelming due to the cuteness overload, but with Nicky + Stella, they do the work for you with their “Shop the Look” feature.

Their “Shop the Look” feature takes all the mixing, matching and trial/error out of the shopping experience. You can simply purchase the full outfit displayed or buy parts of the outfit. This eliminates any guess work.

Nicky + Stella’s custom baby T’s, pants, headbands and hats are full of life and character. Nothing cookie cutter here ma!

Feel like sharing? After YOU’RE done shopping, shop for your friends and family. After you’ve picked the perfect outfit for their tots, Nicky + Stella will wrap it up and send it out on behalf of you. Then you all get to show off your babes with sass and class on Instagram with #nickyandstella.

About Nicky + Stella
Named after their parents, this company was created by sisters Alexia and Gina. Family is first for them so they thought this name would be appropriate to honor the most important support in their lives. This very close Greek family lost their father a couple years ago. He was their hero and the smartest man they ever met. Refusing to let their spirit crumble, these ladies formed Nicky + Stella as a way to toast to their dad’s entrepreneurial spirit. They learned from watching him work hard, creating and running a widely successful motorcycle apparel and soft good company. They also share his creative DNA and that can be seen in every article of carefully chosen clothing. Each order comes with a thank you note and special packaging that is these mamas’ way of showing they appreciate YOU.

Happy shopping!

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