Let’s Get Pompidoodling!

Let’s get Pompidoodling as eatsleepdoodle’s first museum-bespoke product launches at the Pompidou Centre. eatsleepdoodle unique textile products are designed to inspire folks to get creative and enjoy drawing, designing, colouring-in and doodling – so it was a natural extension that eatsleepdoodle should start developing bespoke doodle products for some of the world’s great houses of inspiration and creativity – museums and galleries.

We’re delighted to announce that the first eatsleepdoodle bespoke product has just launched at the Pompidou Centre, Paris – a doodle pencil case inspired by this extraordinary and iconic building, and designed to inspire young doodlers to explore their own ideas about architecture, shape and colour. (Or, of course, they can just doodle notes on it!)

eatsleepdoodle Founder and CEO, Chrissie Probert Jones, said, “We were delighted to be approached by Centre Pompidou to develop an exclusive product for their shops. The project has been a pleasure to work on, from start to finish, and we believe it will spearhead a whole new area of development for us, both in terms of business and brand extension. And on a personal level, I’m immensely proud of this project – inspired by one of my favourite buildings which, with its radical design, had a huge impact on me as a teenager, opening my eyes to the power and possibilities of great architecture.”

Kate Barker, Brand & Marketing Director at eatsleepdoodle, added, “We really enjoy working with museums and galleries, nationally and internationally – in a way, it’s our natural heartland and eatsleepdoodle products perform especially well in these creative environments. We know that many of these cultural shops – and shoppers – are looking for something different — great quality, inspiring products. eatsleepdoodle gifts are ideal in that they leave consumers free to express their own style and creativity, whilst retaining the imprint of the institution itself.”

As with all eatsleepdoodle products, the pencil case for the Pompidou Centre comes with a set of 10 double-ended wash-out pens, so it can be customised, personalised and doodle-ised and the ink will wash out completely on a warm machine wash – endlessly individual, endlessly creative.

For more information, visit http://www.us.eatsleepdoodle.com