Rubes and Beasty: Refreshingly Different

In recent years, there have been some major changes in the world of little girls’ fashions. Many parents voiced concerns over the sea of pink and purple princess gear that was so prevalent in mainstream stores, and called for more diversity in the marketplace. Sure, being a princess is great, but it’s not what all girls want all the time. What about primary and neutral colors, space, science and outdoor themes? Several companies responded by offering options that included more varied colors and themes to better reflect girls’ individuality and personal style. The movement toward is still a work in progress, but results for companies who get on board show happier kids, satisfied customers, and boosted sales.

If the founders of children’s clothing company Rubes and Beasty have their way, the boys’ fashion racks are in for a similar — and much needed — revolution. Mother-daughter team Sherry Hiatt and Michelle Wise brought together their combined artistry and business skills to launch their company in 2014. The idea had been with Michelle since her son was born in 2010. While shopping for his clothes, Michelle noticed that the boy’s section was rather limited, and that nearly every piece had a vehicle, bug, or dinosaur theme.

As someone who valued artistic expression, Michelle wanted something different for her son, something that didn’t look like what all the other kids were wearing. Her eye was drawn to many of the themes commonly found in girls’ clothing – plants, animals, butterflies – so she began to imagine ways to interpret these objects into abstract images that would be suitable for boys’ clothing. She would take the colors and shapes she found inspiring and incorporate them into colorful, high quality screen prints.

Today, Rubes and Beasty is a testament to Michelle’s creativity. The collection for boys 0-6 is getting well-deserved attention on the trade show circuit, and new items are making their debut all the time.

The artsy, understated designs are printed on both sides for a wraparound effect, to ensure dimension and balance. Blues, greens, and grays – some muted and some bold – blend together beautifully with the occasional pop of orange. All pieces are made with a luxuriously soft blend of fabrics to keep kids comfy at play, rest, and school. Michelle and Sherry hope that Rubes and Beasty will continue to break down the gender walls in kids’ fashion, and encourage kids everywhere to express their own unique style.

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