Zak Designs Serves Up the Fun

Parenting is often a balancing act between safety and fun. Most moms and dads would like to shelter their kids from any and all possible risks, but at the same time, want to give them good memories or freedom and exciting experiences. This quest for balance also applies to the products parents purchase for their children. Products that are extremely popular and recognizable to children are not always the best for kids’ health or for the environment. It’s always a bonus when a company that cares  produces fun, licensed products that kids really want. Zak Designs offers the best of both worlds. Their products make mealtimes convenient and safe, and bring a dash of style to the table.

Kids can enjoy meals and snacks with Zak’s BPA-free plates, bowls and insulated cups that sport the images of their favorite characters from franchises like Minions, Frozen, my Little Pony, Doc McStuffins, and the Avengers. But character designs aren’t all the company does. The Confetti collection is one of Zak Designs’ best sellers. Made from 100% recycled melamine, this collection features whimsical, multicolored speckles on a brightly colored background. Customers can choose from bowls, plates, serving platters, and divided plates, among others. The fun look is perfect for kids parties, picnics, or just about any casual use.

Zak also offers a Kids’ Baking Set that makes a great holiday or birthday gift for any budding chef. The set has kid-sized baking utensils that allow little ones, with the help of a parent, to whip up real yummy treats in the kitchen.

Zak was founded in 1976 by entrepreneur Irv Zakheim. As an avid observer of market trends, Zakheim had entered the business world on the wave of the puka shell jewelry craze, and was on the lookout for a new product idea. He soon found his niche in licensed children’s dinnerware. Disney and other production companies had many popular movies that kids loved, and the demand for film-related merchandise was always growing. Kids wanted their favorite movie characters everywhere in their world, including on their cups, plates and bowls.

In the coming years, Zak designs expanded their line beyond licensed dinnerware to include other styles of mealtime sets and accessories for customers of all ages. The company has been the recipient of many awards including the Mom’s Choice Award, the Frank Wells Lifetime Achievement Award, and many more.

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