Playful Fun Is Organic to Babies!

Apple Park
Looking into the trusting eyes of a baby, it’s hard to imagine anything more pure. Parents today are looking for the best, most wholesome products for their precious new addition, and that includes toys! With more and more mainstream toys being recalled for toxic paints or harmful components, many parents are turning to the basics to keep their children safe and happy. What better way do parents have to protect and stimulate their children than to consider the tactile delight of pure, organically inspired plush toys? The Giggle Guide® looks at four companies that meet these needs: Apple Park, miYim. Sigikid, and Simply Fido.

ducky from Apple Park

Apple Park’s Picnic Pals — Organically Fun Playtimes!

At Apple Park, a pledge to protect today’s children from chemicals in their environment, is more than just child’s play.

Naturally hypoallergenic Picnic Pals, inspired by classic children’s toys, are made from 100% certified organic cotton and are free from chemicals and carcinogenic materials.

Monkey with his delightful tail, lamby with his huggable limbs, cubby with his universal teddy bear appeal, bunny with his soft floppy ears and ducky with his perky smile, are all free of toxins. Plus, they are all soft to the touch, and lots of fun for young kids!

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miYim’s Fairytales — Happily Ever After for Babies

miYim simply organic
MiYim Fairytale Collection showcases soft plush animals with embroidered details made with naturally colored pastels. All filled with natural unprocessed, untreated, and unbleached cotton.

Fairytale Knit Collection offers a natural knit tactile play experience for babies. The knits have the same soft embroidered details, are naturally colored in earth tones, and are also filled with natural unprocessed, untreated, and unbleached cotton. These sweet and huggable creations appeal to both a parent’s need to provide healthy toys and baby’s urge to just have fun exploring a new world! For more information, visit

sigikid Organic Mouse Snuggly

Sigikid USA — Soothing, Cozy & Cuddly Comfort

Sigikid USA has gone above and beyond in making pure, satisfyingly soft and delightful toys. They make it their business to exceed industry standards with all of their materials.

From plush animals filled with cherry stones that can be warmed in a microwave for a cozy bed buddy (or for cooling comfort it can also be frozen), to a cheerful smiling frog that plays a soothing tune from the music box sewn securely inside its belly, parents are sure to find the perfect companion for their child’s taste and temperament.

The organic line is manufactured in Romania, with cotton imported from Turkey and lamb’s wool from Australia. For more information, visit

Simply Fido — Because Some of Our Kids Are Pets!

Simply Fido
For four-legged, wiggly-tailed “kids,” there is a fully-organic line from Simply Fido that promises to delight and entertain for hours on end.

Simply Fido makes pet safety and enjoyment their business by offering our furry friends inspired playthings, with safely encased squeakers, that range from silly bunnies and lambs to charming caterpillars and adorable lizards. For more information,

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With so many companies creating a variety of wonderful, organic, plush toys, the only real question facing today’s consumer is how many to buy. And that’s one more reason why going green provides a golden opportunity!