What's Green in Kids' Closets?

Lucky Jade

Going green has never been so easy! Parental demand is growing for eco-friendly apparel, and designers are digging up the finest and most appealing textiles with all natural — but never boring — colors and prints to embellish the earth children of today, ensuring a brighter tomorrow. The Giggle Guide® loves to highlight the best and brightest, and today we have our eye on green garments and footwear for kids’ closets from these terrific eco-friendly brands: Feather Baby, Sage Creek Organics, Lucky Jade, HuggyBunny, Pedoodles and Sweet Shoes.

Feather Baby Adds a Soft, Organic Touch to Layette

Feather Baby
Every now and then, we come across something that catches our breath, and make us smile. The new Fall 2010 collection from Feather Baby is one of those things. The modern mix-and-match layette collection is made from 100% organically grown Peruvian Pima cotton in its pure, unblended form which is carefully spun, knitted, printed and dyed using a certified 100% organic process.

Feather Baby makes sure that pesticides, chemicals, phlalates, PVC, heavy metals and bleaches have no place in their processing or manufacturing to ensure only the highest standards and most appealing products from start to finish. A beautiful and cozy drape embellishes the luscious lilac colors woven into appealing prints that are refreshing for fall.

To learn more about why organic is important, and popular, and to see the cozy-soft collection, visit www.featherbaby.com

Sage Creek is Low Impact on Environment, High Impact on Comfort

Sage Creek Organics
At Sage Creek Organics, providing soft, pure baby and toddler clothing with the tactile sensation that organic cotton provides is a hallmark of the brand, one of the first to make a name in the organic children’s clothing market.

The Sage Organic toddler collection for Fall 2010 offers vibrant colors and prints in a fashionable palette perfect for the season. Made with the highest quality cotton fibers, Sage Creek clothing is stylish, soft, affordable and safe for all living things.

Sage Creek Organics supports the World Wildlife Fund and IFAW and makes it a point to support Fair Trade suppliers and producers.

For more about how this company meets the needs for children’s organic clothing, visit www.sagecreekorganics.com

Lucky Jade Introduces New Collections and baby chai by Lucky Jade

Lucky Jade
Lucky Jade offers a distinctive fall infant/toddler line that combines high style and luxury with beautiful designs that are fun, modern and whimsical, in cashmere and ultra-soft bamboo/cotton blends, sporting designs inspired by nature. The cozy, comfortable collection includes toddler apparel and coordinating infant gowns, coveralls, tee-shirt sets, hats and blankets. With an ultra soft hand and warm seasonal hues, the appeal of chic gone cuddly is the signature of Lucky Jade attire and accessories.

Lucky Jade also offers a line of organic cotton activewear for older girls, including dresses, tops, skirts and shorts. In addition, the all-new baby chai by Lucky Jade includes baby essentials, packaged in gift sets, including a cloth diapering system, bath wraps, buntings and cuddly blankets.

For more about the world of Lucky Jade, check out www.luckyjadeproducts.com

HuggyBunny Hops on the Comfy Clothing Eco-Trail

For a child with super sensitive skin, finding clothes that don’t irritate and itch can become a challenge of trial and error. This quest for soothing comfort is the reason HuggyBunny exists! Creative designer Andrea Chrem understands how it feels to be a child that is sensitive to certain clothing, and has made it her mission to provide soft baby and toddler clothing that is affordable, and free from itches, bulky seams, and scratchy tags!

All of HuggyBunny’s vibrantly colored, tag-less clothing is made with the softest pima cotton available and sewn with the high-quality superiority of 100% cotton threads. Using water-based dyes and chemical free processing, Chrem has come up with a line that is very bright, uniquely modern and refreshingly cheerful. Every carefully conceived motif is hand drawn by Chrem herself and she prides her art on being aesthetically pleasing and realistic, plucking her inspiration from the beauty that is available in nature. Currently, HuggyBunny is working towards expanding the line up to size 6 and proudly donates 3% of profits to the rain forest.

For more information, hop over to www.huggybunny.com

Pedoodles Takes a Big Leap in Greener Footwear

Pedoodles - Sugar Plum
Taking a giant leap to make their shoes even greener, Pedoodles offers comfortable recycled shoes constructed from eco-friendly premium remnant materials which are safety tested for children and boast being free of lead, arsenic, mercury and other harmful metals and chemicals. Flat rubber PedFlex soles offer superior traction for indoor and outdoor play and feature unbeatable durability. Comfy flat foot beds provide lots of wiggle room and support healthy foot development. All designs are flexible and breathable to promote healthy feet, while the lace-free designs make for faster getaways.

To reduce a negative eco-footprint, Pedoodles uses recycled materials for the soles and premium leather remnants in the uppers. In addition, each pair of Pedoodles shoes is packaged in a recycled gift tote that showcases the footwear’s awesome style with sustainable pizzazz. Pedoodles are available in a range of newborn, early walker and toddler sizes.

For more information, step on over to www.Pedoodles.com

Sweet Shoes Tread Lightly on the Earth

Sweet Shoes
There is nothing cuter than ten little piggies staying home, going to market, having roast beef or going “wee wee wee” all the way home! Especially when they slip comfortably into eco-friendly Sweet Shoes.

This fabulous footwear is made from flexible hemp and reclaimed leather and features adorable animal prints. The shoes include a slip-on “wave” pattern and flexible hemp uppers that are comfy, healthy and affordable. The “wave” shoes are offered in Caribbean blue/brown, gray/orange, kelly green/brown, navy/teal, and red/gray in a hang loose, kick-up-your-heels style. Sweet Shoes offers the green line in sizes 0-6, 6-12, 12-18, and 18-24 months, for a retail price of $30.00.

For more information on all the sweet deals, visit www.sweetshoes.net

How are you celebrating Earth Day? Have you expanded your organic offerings? Let us know.

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