BABYBEARSHOP Offers Organic Skin Care for Mom and Baby

The concept behind BABYBEARSHOP™ is a simple one: give parents and babies the best organic skincare. Free of all things synthetic, the full line of soaps, lotions, and oils from BABYBEARSHOP offers products that are easy on the environment as well as the body. Featured in several popular magazines, including Vogue, Pregnancy and Newborn, and Lucky, and on television’s Today show, BABYBEARSHOP is educating consumers how healthy skin comes from nature.

With BABYBEARSHOP skin care, there’s no struggling to pronounce a long list of chemical ingredients, and it’s easy to understand why the line has become popular. A proud member of the Organic Trade Association, The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, and other industry support groups, BABYBEARSHOP is committed to its mission to produce pure products that heal, soothe and protect skin. BABYBEARSHOP’s products are made in the USA, are 100% cruelty-free, never tested on animals, are made of pure, organic and nourishing plants and plant extracts and are packaged in recyclable containers. BABYBEARSHOP is dedicated to protecting our planet: for every order taken, the company plants a tree in an effort to offset carbon emissions.

One of BABYBEARSHOPS’s most popular products is Cheeky Baby Butter — a soothing concoction of organic oils and shea butter that provides healing benefits for exceptionally dry skin. Other top sellers include All The Better To Kiss You With — a top-rated, USDA certified, organic lip balm that turns a terrible pout into something soft, smooth and-kissable. A finalist for best lip balm in Natural Health Magazine, this vintage tin of soothing balm is 100% natural and animal cruelty-free. With tempting flavors like pepperminty, lavender vanilla, chai mandarin and new pomegranate there’s something for everyone.

Mama Belly Oil is a soothing and relaxing way to help soften the tender skin of pregnancy and protect against stretch marks. Expectant moms rub it in to soothe or add it to bath water for an indulgent soak. Babies also enjoy this calming blend of lavender, roman chamomile, and vitamin E as a tender massage. Just a little bit of Mama Belly Oil goes a long way, offering superior value.

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