Toobalink Connects with Building Greener Toys

While Kermit sang of the difficulties of being green, toymakers are creating new toys that make it easy and fun to be “green.” With the continuing trend toward greener living, Toobalink is a new toy company that encourages imagination with an eco-friendly, reusable twist in building kits. Recyclable toilet tissue and towel tubes get a new life when combined with the Toobalink connectors and couplers.

Created by the talented Metre Ideas design team of Sara Ebert and Will Sakran, Toobalink’s stylish design reflects their industrial design and engineering backgrounds. Developed initially as part of a Classic Play toy class at Pratt Institute, Toobalink was inspired by children playing with often tossed-out household items. The brand re-imagines traditional building blocks and logs, with creativity and a focus on helping Mother Nature.

Parents and kids alike are drawn to the functionality of Toobalink’s kit that includes 4 six-way connectors, 4 eight-way connectors, 4 joiners, 6 couplers and 12 tube connectors. All the pieces necessary to build unique models, buildings and structures are included, but this play kit doesn’t stop there. Also included are eight short cardboard tubes and four long cardboard tubes to help kids start building at every skill level.

Collecting additional paper tubes to make even larger structures adds to the appeal of the building kit. Recycling of the tubes is encouraged after play to bring the experience full circle. While parents will be attracted to the simple yet architecturally based design of the toy, the universal kid appeal of Toobalink has made it a success.

Toobalink creates a link between building toys and “green” living. The imaginative concept is building momentum as a business-building entry into the toy markets.

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