SolPals Lights are More Than a Bright Idea

Many children are at least a bit afraid of the dark, which can make bedtime less peaceful. Kids are prone to nightmares and terrors, making it hard for them to either fall asleep or stay in a restful state. A lack of deep, restful sleep can lead to all sorts of health issues. How can parents help their children — and others less fortunate than themselves — enjoy a more restful sleep? SolPals, a company that develops solar-powered nightlights, not only harnesses the energy of the sun in a fun way for children, but also donates to those less fortunate.

“I had a nightmare last night and when I woke up, my room was full of stars and it made me feel so happy!” Nothing beats a testimonial from a very satisfied customer — in this case, a little girl who was explaining to her mother why the MoonBeams nightlight from SolPals helped her get through a tough night. Bringing that kind of satisfaction to families (kids sleep tight, parents rest easy) is what SolPals is built on.

Founders Ron and Chantele Gustaveson developed the “green” lighting idea when confronted by the reality that many inner-city children suffer from the lack of access to electricity. With four children of their own, the Gustavesons could relate to this suffering on a visceral level, so they decided to do something about it. SolPals lights integrate a love of children and the desire to provide green technology into everyday life.

MoonBeams nightlights are a hybrid technology, incorporating a small solar panel and rechargeable Nickel-Metal-Hydride battery with disposable AA batteries. MoonBeams just need to get an adequate amount of sunlight throughout the day to splash a child’s room with a gentle light at night. There’s no need to manually switch from solar power to battery power, either — a built-in sensor detects when the rechargeable battery is low and seamlessly alternates to the backup power.

SolPals has also developed the new MoonBeam Mini Projectors. The Mini Projectors make bedtime extra special by throwing a variety of gently-lit designs, including stars, flowers or dinosaurs on the walls.

Bright ideas make the world a better place: